VENTIL is the german word for valve. It is also the name of the collaboration of artists working in the overlapping fields of sound & vision, pushing the concept of a live band into further territory. Founding members Peter Kutin (guitar, electronics) and Flo Kindlinger (guitar, bass synthesizer) started working with Katharina Ernst on drums, Michael Lahner on synthesizers and visual artist Conny Zenk in 2014. They released their debut album in May 2015 on VENTIL RECORDS and immediately toured venues and festivals such as Donaufestival (Krems), Control Club (Bucharest), Festival Météo (Mulhouse), Unlimited (Wels), Real Deal (Vienna), Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf), A-Synth (St Gallen) and many more. VENTILs live shows evoke an immersive maelstrom with a sonic and visual intensity, merging inspiration from Techno, Industrial and Avantgarde.

©Michael Breyer

VENTILs members appear in various contexts ranging from film festivals such as Berlinale Filmfestival, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal to art competitions such as Arte Laguna Venice or Danse Élargie Paris.  In 2017, VENTIL will tour with their new A/V show bulletproof and release new material under the basic theme of displays…short hint : a valve releases pressure when being opened.’

…one of the more unusual breakdowns we’ve heard in a while’ / A closer listen

Upcoming Shows:
10.07. Animator Festival / Poznan, poland
03.06. VIS Festival Vienna
21.03.2017 PMK Innsbruck
11.03.17 Art Acts, ST. JOHANN
03.10.16 Hotel Amazonas in Coop. /w La Grind Noire, BOZEN
01.10.16 A-Synth Festival, ST GALLEN
25.08.16 Festival Météo,  MULHOUSE
01.07.16 Real Deal Festival, VIENNA
02.04.16 Simultan preview, TIMISOARA
01.04.16 Control Club, BUCHAREST
30.03.16 Student Center, ZAGREB
19.02.16 BikeBall/EKH, VIENNA
06.11.15 Unlimited Festival, WELS
22.10.15 Elevate Festival, GRAZ
25.07.15 Popfest, VIENNA
18.07.15 Konfrontationen, NICKELSDORF
26.06.15 Werk/Maschinenraum, VIENNA
02.05.15 Donaufestival, KREMS


You can purchase Ventil records as vinyl or in digital formats at
OUR LABEL or on BANDCAMP (images ©Ernst Herold)

more info, sounds and updates



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